The Plot Thickens is now available!

The Plot Thickens is now available!

Surprise! A new novella in my Hotel Lefevre series, The Plot Thickens, is now available on Amazon! Check out the product page to obtain your copy or claim on Kindle Unlimited.

The Hotel Lefevre is an oasis of calm in midtown Manhattan where lonely souls who check in find themselves entangled in more than they bargained for. They may check in solo, but they neer check out alone! This is the same series featured in my free newsletter giveaway novella, Passion Project, so obtain them both for twice the fun. I really enjoyed concocting this fun new series, and more volumes are on the way soon.

Here is what you can expect:

Janet Cross has neglected her own emotional needs in the process of building a career and raising her son as a single parent. She’s forgotten the pleasures of romance following a grueling divorce and the endless demands of her new life alone. While attending a work conference in New York City, she (literally) runs into Bart Lansdowne, a suspense thriller author struggling with his next book. Janet becomes his erotic muse in a cat-and-mouse game at their shared hotel. Despite their sky-high chemistry, Janet harbors doubts about her ability to love again, and Bart struggles with guilt at using her for his own purposes. Fortunately, the staff at the mysterious Hotel Lefevre have their own plans for enabling a happy ending to their story.

The Plot Thickens is a standalone story in the Hotel Lefevre series, the first release from romance author Carmela Goff. Watch for more stories of the Hotel Lefevre as well as a full-length novel series coming soon.

This is all way too exciting. I’m happy to finally be sharing the results of my labor over the past few months. Stay tuned for more.

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